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Thursday, 19 February 2015 18:06
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Lawn Care Programs

With Clean Cut Lawns Organic Choice programs, you can feed your lawn all season long using 100% natural fertilizers. These fertilizers are even more kid and pet-friendly, so you and your family can enjoy your lawn immediately after they're applied. And they work on any type of grass in any climate.

Organic Fertilizer with Targeted Non-Organic Weed and Pest Control

No natural weed or pest-control products currently available deliver results that meet our strict standards. This combination program gives your lawn regular applications of 100% organic fertilizers. To prevent invasive crabgrass, your lawn also receives Crabgrass Prevention in the spring, followed by selective non-organic treatments for weeds and insects only as necessary.

Lawn Fertilization Programs:

1st Application - EARLY SPRING:

Applied in early spring. Organic based fertilizer with special slow release nutrient sources and Crabgrass Preventer. Lawn will green up faster, grow thicker, and crabgrass will be prevented. Spot application of broadleaf weed control, if needed.

2nd Application - LATE SPRING:

Applied in late spring. Organic nutrients will provide a controlled release of nutrients preparing your lawn for stressful summer conditions, and remaining weeds will be addressed with a spot weed control application. Grass will grow denser and maintain its green color into hot weather. Weeds will fade away and disappear completely.

3rd Application – MID-SUMMER:

Applied in mid-summer. Rich source of stable organic matter and Surface Insect Control. Grass will maintain its density and green color through the heat and drought of summer, without thinning and browning caused by insects.

4th Application - EARLY FALL:

Applied in early fall. Fertilizer containing organic matter essential for soil life and formulated optimal root uptake; Lawn will thicken, and scars of summer damage will disappear as grass plants multiply. Spot application of broadleaf weed control, if needed.

Winterizer - LATE FALL:

Applied in late fall. Winter fertilizer will continue to strengthen roots. Grass will stay green longer into winter, and ensure a healthier, thicker lawn next spring. Also will help lawn green up earlier next spring.

Grub Protection. We provide season-long protection against damaging lawn grubs. An unprotected lawn can be wiped out completely before the homeowner even knows they are there.

Core Aeration. With this procedure we remove small plugs of soil throughout your lawn to improve the flow of air, water and fertilizer into the root zone of the lawn. This remedies "root choking" compacted soil problems. It is also effective in reducing the build-up of thatch in the lawn.

Other Service Options

Fungus Disease Control. If disease threatens your lawn, we have the full arsenal of fungus &disease controls at our disposal to stop the spread of almost any disease problem.

Lawn Seeding. For lawns that need seeding to fill in thin or bare areas, we provide a full seeding service, using the finest quality grass seed and Starter Fertilizer to get the new seedlings off to a fast, strong start.

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